Saturday, August 25, 2007

Enough with the nonsense, let's get back to racing: Hamilton takes P2 in Turkish GP qualifying

Ferraris' Felipe Massa grabbed the pole for tomorrow's race, with Lewis Hamilton narrowly missing the top spot by only .044 of a second! Incredible.

In fact the times for the occupants of the first two rows (Ferrari and McLaren, naturally) are extremely close; little more than two-tenths separate them. One interesting quirk: while Massa, Hamilton and Kimi Raikonnen were on soft compound tires, Fernando Alonso mysteriously opted for the hard rubber; it netted him P4. Here's the story of qualifying from Planet

Strangely, McLaren set up pitbox spaces for BOTH racecars, perhaps in an attempt to avoid repeating the "mistakes" of the last Grand Prix.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hey, I had nothing to say after all of that madness...

What a shame that Lewis Hamilton's third GP win be surrounded by all that "he said, he said" nonsense, especially since he apparently admits to some culpability. The past two weeks have been filled with inane stories of who did what to who when, and who said what to whom how. It's as if professionalism in Formula One took an August holiday.

The craziest story, in my mind, was this bit about Ferrari making a big dollar, under-the-table offer to pry Lewis out of Mercedes McLaren's clutches. 17 million pounds! Now, if I were Lewis Hamilton, that offer might make me pause to consider... but I'm NOT Lew and I'm sure he won't be tempted to piss off all of his British fans by turning his back on Woking; besides, he has wanted to drive for McLaren all his life... he's right where he wants to be. I'M the one with the fetish for all things Ferrari...