Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am oh so thankful

Yes, it's the season of giving thanks, and I am indeed grateful for the Formula 1 season just passed. While it was Lewis Hamilton and company that won the title in such dramatic fashion, I feel like the person who won the prize. It's hard to explain, but watching Hamilton the past three years had built such a sense of anticipation in me that only the World Driving Championship could satisfy... and now he has it.

If I were Lewis Hamilton... well, that would be special indeed.

So I just spent part of today and yesterday re-living the series, courtesy of the phenomenal video library at the official Formula 1 website. Their race recaps are short, but they are beautifully rendered with great music and editing. Enjoy the season all over again.

Thanks to all the people who make Formula 1 the greatest motorsport in the world, thanks to McLaren-Mercedes and their numerous sponsors for fielding a tremendous team and thank you, Lewis Hamilton, for doing your thing.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Congratulations to the new World Champion!

Lewis Hamilton is the Formula One World Champion for 2008! He has set the bar as the youngest person to win the title. And it wasn't easy, according to this report from Planet F1.

Good job, Lew. Now take a break and go to the Bercy Supercross in France next week. While you're there, be sure to meet James Stewart... you guys could have a lot in common.