Saturday, March 22, 2008

Well, Blow Me Down... Mercedes McLaren team docked 5 positions on the grid!

That moves Heikki to 8th and Lewis to 9th... better 5 spots than 5 rows, eh?

So what gives? From this article at Planet, the two team mates were judged to be impeding BMW's Nick Heidfeld and Renault's Fernando Alonso, when they slowed while in the racing line, after they had crossed the line for the final practice session. Nick and 'Nando were just starting their final flying laps when they were "balked."

At least that's Nick's story. McLaren later issued a statement that read in part: "We accept the steward's decision but would like to add that neither Lewis nor Heikki impaired any of their competitors deliberately."

It's time to go racing!

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