Saturday, March 31, 2007

Didja hear what STIRLING MOSS and NIKI LAUDA said?!

I'm just saying, If I were Lewis and these two PINNACLES of motor racing praised me in the same way... well, whoa. Here's what they said after Hamilton's Australian debut...

Stirling Moss, I mean, SIR Stirling Moss: "He's a racer, not a driver. And he's the best thing I've seen in formula one since I came into it in the early 50s."

Three-time World Champion Niki Lauda: "He drove like he'd been in formula one for years, and the outstanding part of it was that for two thirds of the race he was quicker than the quickest man in formula one - because Alonso, with two championships in a row, is today the best guy and Hamilton had him under control. I've never seen anybody perform in his first race like he did."


Moss also said: "His greatest quality, in my opinion, is his humility. He's won so many things on the way up, in karts and so on, but there's no arrogance about him and in today's world that's rare."

These quotes were lifted from this article by Richard Williams for the Guardian online.

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