Friday, March 30, 2007

First race... Third Place!

Okay, if you follow F1 at all, you know I'm late to the game with this blog. The first race of the season, the Australian Grand Prix, was held two weeks ago, and everyone who's paying any attention at all know that Lewis qualified fourth and finished on the podium in third.

There have been tons of articles and interviews and opinions and historical notes and all that foof. But I had to address that race before I could move on to current events, so forgive me.

That said... I must also say this: if I were Lewis Hamilton, I'm not sure if I would have been quite so gracious in all of those interviews. After crushing everybody in the 2006 GP2 series and killing 'em in the 2005 Formula 3 Euro championship, my ego would be a little more, shall we say, "demonstrative?"

Good on you, Lew.

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