Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to tell that I am a Lewis Hamilton fan

Well, of course there is the name of the blog. But better still is my reaction to his third place finish at the British Grand Prix: I wrote NOTHING.

By any objective measure, scoring third place points in a Formula 1 race is a BIG DEAL, especially for a "rookie" like Lewis. But after 2 wins in 8 races, and after sneaking to the pole at Silverstone, even a somewhat sophisticated fan like myself could be found guilty of high, perhaps TOO high, expectations.

Yeah, I thought he was gonna win. Wire-to-wire, even. Yeah, I conveniently ignored the facts that both Raikonnen and Alonso had him covered in qualifying until that last minute magic thing. And yeah, I was disappointed, my heart sinking with each lap as Kimi and Fernando continued pulling away from Hamilton after the second stops.

So I just didn't feel like doing my normal quickie race re-cap with link to my favorite article at Planet I just went on about my weekend. Oh well. At least I'm not making any excuses.

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