Sunday, April 8, 2007

Second Place in his second race!

Wow. Just finished watching the live lap times from the Malaysian Grand Prix, courtesy "The Official Formula 1 Website",

I missed the start, but apparently Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were able to get into first and second pretty quickly. Felipe Massa tried to make a move on Lewis early on, but couldn't make the pass stick. Alonso and Hamilton ran 1-2 until it was time for the first pit stops. Alonso pitted first, leaving Lewis in the lead, albeit briefly.

On lap 20, Lewis pitted, took on fuel, another set of softs and made a front wing adjustment. He rejoined the race in third and promptly set fast lap of the race.

Lewis took his second stop on lap 39, while running in second, about 8 seconds adrift of his teammate Alonso. He took on the hard tires and rejoined in 5th.

Alonso pitted on lap 40, Massa on 41, Raikkonen on 41.

In any case, after a flurry of pitstops by all the top teams, Alonso and Hamilton regained their 1-2 placings. However, either the hard compounds favored the Ferrari, or Raikkonen was particularly motivated... either way, he steadily closed on Hamilton. By lap 50, Kimi was only 3 seconds behind Lewis.

By the end of the race, Raikkonen closed to less than a second, but Hamilton held on for second place. Second place in only his second race!

How long since the last McLaren 1-2? Good job, guys!

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