Monday, October 22, 2007

Conspiracy? In F1? Unheard of!

Well, not according to this blog I stumbled upon. They lay out the concept that the races and results are all controlled according to plan. The basic premise is that the F1 governing body never intended to "let" Lewis Hamilton win the title this year. The blogger goes so far to say that McLaren intentionally "caused a reboot of his Engine Managment System in Brazil, ensuring he dropped to the back and had no chance of winning, but would provide a good TV show as he tried to overtake the rest of the field."

Wow. And if you think that's deep, the blogger takes it to another level, stating that "Lewis will win the F1 Championship, but not next year - that script is written as “a tough year fighting in the pack” with his championship coming in 2009. 2008 is “Alonso’s Comeback Year” when he will win, driving a Renault."

And there you have it. Sportsfans, place your bets.


Tim M said...

So do you still think there are no conspiracies in F1?

Ammonyte said...

Well with the 2008 season massaged by the FIA to produce a result at the last GP of the year, we have seen plenty more evidence of the way in which F1 manipulate the rules and results. I predict Massa will win tomorrow (I'm posting this just after the end of qualifying) and Lewis will suffer some incidents which will result in him failing to acquire sufficient points to claim the title again. Keep an eye on Alonso and Raikkonen in the race.

I really really hope Lewis will win the Championship, but.........