Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things I WOULDN'T Say If I Were... you know the rest...

"After Kimi did such a fantastic job, winning the last two races, to have it taken away from you, it's a bit cruel and probably not good for the sport."

Er, the season is over except for the shouting (in court). Now is a good time to take a long vacation, AWAY from press microphones and cameras, dude.

Ask yourself this question: will Ferrari promote the fact that they have the Constructor's Title, even though it was clearly handed to them due to rule-breaking by McLaren? Answer: of course they will. So if YOU (talking to Lewis here) were to get "handed" the Driver's Title due to rule-breaking by other teams, how would that be any different?

Answer: it's obvious.

Hey, it's okay to take the high road and say things like
"For me, I want to do it on the track and in style by winning the race, or after battling it out for the lead - fair and square." But fair and square are what running by the rulebook is all about. And if you win the championship because the other guys cheated (or got lazy), that's fair.

Preserving the integrity of the sport should be at the top of everybody's list. The FIA must enforce its rules consistently and without bias. If there is credible evidence that BMW and Williams were in violation, this should be an open and shut case.

Cruel for Kimi? What about you?

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