Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hamilton: "It was all against me in the end..."

Now, I often complain when people take things out of context. So the first thing I have to admit is that the above quote by Lewis Hamilton (from this story on, you guessed it, was quite literally removed from its contextual setting, and I did it on purpose because I thought it was/is a very interesting thing for the young man to say.

"All against me" sounds kind of like something Tupac Shakur would say, and this is probably the first time Hamilton has ever been compared to 2pac. In any case, the remainder of the article seems to be made up of Lewis-quotes, made during an interview with BBC Radio, that point to his mature ability to be sanguine about losing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the first driver to win the F1 title in his first year. I haven't seen or read any uncut interviews yet, but I'd really like to know if what has been reported so far really touches on what Hamilton is feeling.

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