Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dude... wait. Whut?

I woke up (late) this morning and logged in, fully expecting to see the reports about Lewis Hamilton winning the World Driver's Championship in Brazil today. So you can probably imagine my reaction when I read this brief report at

Raikkonen is the new Formula One World Champion? And Hamilton finished SEVENTH due to mechanical woes from his McLaren-Mercedes?

NOW they have a mechanical?? Ok, so what really happened? Crash.Net is calling it a "mystery glitch."

I need more details, but wow, that really sucks. I mean, it's cool for Ferrari... they kept the faith and it paid off. And it's great, obviously, for Kimi... he too never stopped believing in himself, drove the best he could and in the end, he was in the right place to take advantage of McLaren's huge faux pas. So congratulations are in order to Raikkonen and the entire Scuderia Ferrari.

Now excuse me while I go cry in my Wheaties for a couple of minutes.

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