Sunday, October 21, 2007

Did I Say Surreal? I Meant 'Enter the Lawyers'...

So now I'm reading (from F1 Fanatic again... thanks!) that the stewards of F1 deliberated for SIX HOURS and they "said Williams and BMW teams were not punished because it was technically impossible to prove the temperature of the fuel within the car."

Come again?

Admittedly, I haven't read the current (or any, for that matter) Formula One rulebook, so I can only imagine what type of torture the language most go through in order to make such statements possible. And I am positive that in the coming hours and days, someone will explain it quite perfectly. As for now, unfortunately, I am stumped.

Here's my thinking: why am I even writing about this now, if they had no evidence with which to start all of this madness anyway? SIX HOURS of deliberation; what evidence did they have to discuss, if it was "technically impossible to prove the temperature of the fuel within the car"... ?

Did one of the stewards happen to put his hand on the fuel pod of Nick's BMW and go, "hmmm, that feels too cold!"... !

And are they implying a difference between merely "impossible" and "technically impossible"?

Further, apparently there's a "kerfluffle" about who gets to decide what the ambient temp actually is. Almost Clintonian, that line of defense. Hence the reference to lawyers; McLaren could appeal. Yikes. Maybe they can settle for $100 million?

Instead, I believe this is going to go down like the U.S. Presidential Elections in 2000: someone is gonna roll over and play dead.

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